How to Write a One-Page Business Plan with Free Template
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How to Write a One-Page Business Plan with Free Template

How to Write a One-Page Business Plan with Free Template

One-page Business Plan

The business model canvas is a more visual representation of your business architecture. It includes sections for infrastructure, offering, customers, finances, etc. Many businesses find the BMC appealing since it can be summarized in a single page. Explain how you’ll source materials if you sell products as well as the technology you need to deliver such products and services. Also, provide details about your team, like how many people you’ll need and how you’ll manage employees. Business Plan FinancialThe Business Plan Financial Template covers the financial overview of your business plan. It contains the company overview, revenues, and expenses.

One-page Business Plan

The only real possible difference is that a single-page plan must absolutely fit on one page in a font that most people can still read. Create an organizational chart that shows who’s in charge of the business. Then One-page Business Plan explain how each person’s expertise will contribute to the firm’s success. Consider adding resumes for key members of the management team. It helps you think about your business from different points of view.

Learn How to Write a Business Plan

You don’t want to overwhelm them with unnecessary information, and you don’t want to make them work too hard to find the information they need. If you want to attempt writing the financial section on your own, there are resources. A SWOT analysis is a common tool entrepreneurs use to bring all collected data together in a market analysis. The industry overview should also include total industry sales figures. Are you entering a $20 million dollar per year market or a $3 billion dollar per year market? It is also important to evaluate whether your marketing campaign would resonate with your target audience or not.

This operational plan sample is structured with important details for your organization. It comes ready to print, but since most organizational details and structures are different, you can simply edit the fields by putting your own organization information. Also, using the Jotform PDF editor template, you can quickly add and delete fields, choose your own color options, etc. Finally, you can share your draft with your team members via email. If you need help putting together a simple business plan that you can fit on one page download our Lean Business Plan Template. Or, if you’re looking for a more modern business planning option, you may want to try out a tool like LivePlan.

One-Page Lean Business Plan Template

Although your goals and targets may be ambitious, there needs to be an achievable timeline and resource allocation attached to them. If you feel like you have writer’s block, or you don’t know where to start, I have a couple of suggestions. You can always share broader financial information if requested. It’s actually a very good exercise to trim it down to the absolute minimum, and doing so forces you to trim needless words and communicate your business idea clearly, with minimal clutter. Get the fastest information, worry free services, and expert support you need. Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business. Start your free 14-day trial of Shopify—no credit card required.

  • For example, if it’s for internal use by a wider team, you might omit elements like business financing plans, income statements, cost structure, etc.
  • Find opportunities for businesses owned by women and people of color.
  • Problem statement – Which problem are you trying to solve?
  • Your business plan should be a realistic roadmap that helps you build a successful company.
  • We’ve noted where—and how—an entrepreneur could add more details to expand on their plans, depending on their goals.

SOPCreate a process to organize your employees in managing specific cases or scenarios by using this SOP Template. This template is commonly used in any organization whether it is a small, medium, or large group. Memorandum of UnderstandingBuild a harmonious relationship between two or more parties by using this Memorandum of Understanding Template.

Not found what you are looking for? Explore our 200+ sample business plans to find match for your business.

List things like selling directly to consumers or using technology to participate in the sharing economy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers industry outlook reports for more than 100 industries. These reports can help you find out how fast your industry is growing.

  • Organizations and stakeholders can unite behind a strategic direction when they have a business plan in place.
  • The document outlines the financial forecast, the strategy for marketing and distribution, and the targeted customer base.
  • There are high chances you are going to face competition.
  • This will force you to trim needless words and communicate your business idea clearly and with minimal clutter.
  • But, coming up with a viable, profitable business idea can be tough.
  • Meeting MinutesSet goals, plan your actions, and update your team members by tracking the team meetings by using this Meeting Minutes Template.
  • Make a list of people or resources you need but don’t have the capital to afford without the help of outside investment.

In addition to the steps provided above, you can save time and get started on your plan by downloading one of the templates provided on this page. You can also check out “Free Executive Summary Templates,” which can serve the same purpose as a Additionally, the template includes space to detail your financial plan, marketing activities, costs, and more. A one-page business plan encompasses your entire business strategy condensed onto one-page. A one-page business plan template is a document that outlines a business’s strategies and goals. In this article, we’ll show you how to use a one-page business plan to create a robust foundation for your business and share some ready-to-use business plan templates.