Is available in your country?
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Is available in your country?

Is available in your country?

You will find that people are more objective when you talk to them directly, and you can always check out social media profiles, or the LinkedIn of some top brokers you know. As final food for thought, we’ll take a quick look at some of the things you can do to avoid being caught out by a scam broker. There are thousands of brokers to choose from, and we’d be Forex news stupid to tell you they are all good. Forex trading has taken off in a big way, and as with any new form of investment, there are always going to be a selection of people whose only aim is to take advantage of the uneducated. Forex trading has the potential to earn you lots of money, but it also has a far bigger potential to leave you with absolutely nothing.

Forex broker Reviews

I have a real account with Dukascopy since October 2018 and I really enjoy trading on its flagship platform . I deeply recommand this broker for every one who is looking for a honest and serious broker. Excellent service for trading and a wide selection of instruments for investment strategies.

Is available in your country?

Unlike professional reviewers, traders reviews are unbiased and reveal the good, bad, and often ugly truth of their personal experiences with a forex trading services. Traders indicate what is going on with the company right now. Remember, even the best forex service can go bad fast and the network of traders sharing experiences reacts very promptly. Lastly, take a look at the customer reviews and see what others have to say about forex brokers before choosing to use one. Just like you do when you trade stocks, you want to select a reliable broker that other customers have had success. Nadex is a binary options trading platform for US and EU traders, known for its transparent features and good regulations. The company has been around since 2009 and is regulated in the US by the CFTC.

  • I’ve used the reviews on Compare Forex Brokers to help filter the ones I should ignore and identify the better ones.
  • It is the following version of MT4 that has multiple cool features like Partial order filling policies, options for netting and hedging mode, and 6 types of pending orders.
  • Often the broker has to get a license otherwise the company can not do business in the ceratin country.
  • Some brokers will charge you an inactivity fee for performing no transactions for a long period.
  • Another thing that may apply to your indirect cost amounts is the currency conversion fee.
  • Fxbrokerreviews is the ultimate platform for any trader who wants to enter the forex market and find the perfect broker for forex trading or crypto trading.

It is important to note that not all of these reviews are based on the real facts and events. If you can prove yourself as a proficient trader who can bring up consistent profits for larger amounts of capital, you can be hired by large hedge fund and mutual fund institutions. The institutional traders make an amount of around 90,000$ per year. For an intraday trader, it can be 70$ for a day and 5600$ the very next day. The risk is going to be 10 times larger with chances of larger profits with the same ratio. During this time you will look deeply at developing a good knowledge of the trading resources and understanding of the facts that affect the market trend. Brokers can be found all over the world, and they all offer the convenience of online trading.


It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. After a few months of trading I made a withdrawal Dotbig forex broker and everything was OK. Five months later I made a second withdrawal and everything went wrong.

The bonus terms will vary from broker to broker, but on the whole they will be considerable. If the broker does allow you to make a withdrawal, it may mean you lose the accumulated bonus, or that it will be calculated on a pro-rata basis. According to some of the Forex articles we’ve been reading, as many as 95% of Forex brokers currently offer this trading platform. Nevertheless, offering MT4 is still an important quality to look out for, and we’re about to explain why this is so. Obviously, Forex brokers don’t offer their services for free. There are a number of different ways a broker makes their money, and the one that usually features top of their pricing is spreads. Some brokers make a big thing about advertising how low their spreads are, and if there is no mention on their site of the how much you might have to pay for trading, it should raise a big red flag.